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Written by Dave Lippman on Oct. 17, 2019
We met at the art walk (?) in Dublin. Visiting from New York. Great to see your work again!
Written by Hadida on Dec. 19, 2018
You are so great.
Written by Queena on Nov. 19, 2018
Excellent site web. Very interesting!
Written by Andrew Clements on Aug. 12, 2018
Really nice, compliments! :-)
Written by Matt Bramble on Aug. 2, 2018
Very honored to visit your website, good job!!!
Written by Lorelai on Jul. 4, 2018
It's really nice, keep up the good work.
Written by Danniella on May. 15, 2018
Thank you for a great website. All the best to you and good luck
Written by Carine on Jun. 23, 2015
Congratulations for your beautiful job!
Written by Stone sinks on Jul. 3, 2013
Very nicely done website. Thank you.
Written by Stone sink on Apr. 11, 2013
Thank you for including the beautiful images--so open to a sense of contemplation
Written by Estella "Jean" Johnson on Dec. 12, 2012
I can't believe someone I grew up with, or knew in Spokane is such a famous artist. I'm happy for you.

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22.08 | 22:09

I have paintings on glass in different sizes. €50 to €450. Is this what you mean?

22.08 | 16:24

My sister bought a few of your pieces and now I want some 🤣 how much are your glassworks and sizes etc?

21.01 | 07:04

Thank you!

20.01 | 19:58

I especially love this one.